Here Are A Few Testimonials From Happy Customers:

"Your attention to detail is somewhat rare in the off road world. Anyone with a welder and a few tools can open a shop and claim to be an expert. I have had work done at a couple of other BIG name local shops and was generally un-impressed. On more than one occasion I have had to re-do some of the work to correct deficiencies and was generally disappointed that I paid someone for the work I got done. That is not the case with Lamb Fab, everything met my expectations. I could have done the work myself, but time is money. Sometimes in the off road world we are made to feel like less of a 4 wheeler if we don't do the work ourselves. At least I know by having you do it the job will be done the way I want it."

—Michael Wixom

"Tanner has worked on several of my cars and trucks.I have a 55 GMC that was restored by another shop.The sheet-metal and painting were good but the mechanics were terrible. I brought it to Tanner and every problem It was taken care of professionally and timely. He did a great job. I would recommend his work to anyone. He is working on another of my projects now."

—Don Pierson

"Tanner rocks!!  As a returning customer, I can always count on a quality product from LambFab.  I will have all my work done there and anyone who is in the market, I will send his way.  I plan to tell all my friends about him and assure them that they can be confident in the work that is done. Tanner is meticulous with his work, very professional and provides a service like no other.  He goes the extra mile to make a customer happy and it’s the little things he does that give you that personal touch – nothing you will never get at a large corporation.  Tanner at LambFab gets my vote every time!"  

—Kelly Bennett

"LambFab was recommended to me from a friend. Was just what I was looking for. I really appreciated Tanner's honesty, attention to detail and fair pricing. I'll always recommend LambFab for any automotive needs. Tanner makes you feel like family and you just want to share LambFab with everyone you know! Tanner you rock! Keep up the good work!"

—Matthew Prentice